Freelance Bookkeeper

Freelance Bookkeeper Services Scopes:
– Advising on tax issues and basic accounting guidelines abouthow to keep documents.
– Analyzing income/expenses transaction from bookking documents and reconciling
..against declared Revenue Department report.
– Recording the transactions under the Accounting Standard(GAAPs) compliance with
..the regulationfrom the Revenue Department.
– Calculating and preparing Monthly Submitted forms of WithHolding Tax (PND1,3,53)
..and Value Added Tax (PP30) to the Revenue Department
– Calculating and preparing Monthly Submitted forms of Social Security Subsidy
..(SPS1-10) to the Department of Public Welfare.
– Calculating and preparing Semiannual and Annual forms of Income Tax (PND50,51) accordance with the Revenue Code.
– Calculating and preparing Monthly amount payable for your PayRoll.
– Praparing the monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually financial statements
– Assisting on resolving tax liability, in case the client is contacted by the
..revenue department
Accounting Documents for Freelance Bookkeeper :
– Purchase : Delivery Order,Invoice,Tax Invoice, Billing Note, Receipt
– Sale : Delivery Order,Invoice,Tax Invoice, Billing Note, Receipt
– Bank Statement
– Details of Payroll
– List of Registered Fixed Asset
– Contract/Agreement of Loan, Morgage, Hire Purchase, Lease, etc.
– Others
Our minimum service charge is 5,000 Baht per month for an active company,
but depends on the Business complexity, Transactions, etc.
Note the above fees are for information purposes only. Please contact us
if you would like a formal written fee quote
Once you have instructed us as your bookkeepers we will write up
a letter of engagement, outlining the duties you require us to undertake,
this will ensure that both parties know exactly what is expected.